Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wrapping up the BASEMENT FUN GAME

So, the BASEMENT FUN GAME hit a bit of a snag in that one of our players seems to have vanished. I considered a few of your suggestions to keep things rolling, but in fairness to everyone who might get a prize swiped, I've decided to end things as they stand. 


Anyone would like to swap out their prize for number 9... which was not claimed during the BFG.

Number 9 is...

Nothing mind-blowing, but a decent Junior card plaque. The first to comment can swap their prize for this... or if no one claims it, I'll offer it to our mystery player, should he reemerge from the weeds.

Here is the (for now) final list of winners:

Brad B - 8x10s, posters
Lost Collector - Junior and Montana Sports Shots 
Angels in Order - Ripken items
Nick- Namath and 61 baseball books
Bo - Oversized lot
Gavin - President's Reserve promo kit 
Stealing Home - SportsCard Mags 
Matt K - James Lofton Photo 
Dayf - Topps Mag Premiums 
John Sharp - Action Flats  
Sports Card Collector - Little football hats  
Adam - Classic 1995 NFL Draft Cards

I'll send out an email soon to get your address and, sometime with the next week or two, I'll spend an evening packaging all this stuff up and getting it into the mail. I'll include a few bonus cards with your winnings as well. Thanks for playing!


  1. What the heck, I'll swap out my prize for it. It's a nice looking plaque, and I can maybe put his rookie card in there instead.

  2. Thanks for running this fun contest!

  3. Thanks for the fun....look forward on my little Barry Sanders guy!

  4. Thanks for the contest! It was fun!