Friday, November 24, 2017

Catching up on Trades with Julie, Dayf, and Scott... "All Mixed Up" edition

Oy. It’s the time of thanks, and I’m certainly glad for so many trading pals across the web-o-rola. So many, in fact, that I’ve gotten behind on posting about them. I’ve gotten bad about this, as I’ve been doing more trades. When I get a bundle in the mail, especially needs for my Topps base cards, I am in such a rush to put them into my binders, that I have time to do no more than snap a quick picture of some of the key cards before they so to be with their “families.” So weeks later, when I get around to posting about the stuff, I’ve got a folder of random images with only a vague recollection of where they came from.

I know where most of latest batch came from… and I’ve got a few older folders that I haven’t gotten around to talking about yet. So, we’ll call this the “tying up loose ends” post.[edit - I ended up not calling it that]

My most recent package came from J. Meeks at A Cardboard Habit. He busted some Update recently and had a few photo variations up for grabs. The Brett Phillips was a natural for me and I also nabbed a fun Griffey to add my very small PC.

A few days ago, Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown wrote about a trade that I finally completed with him that got started all the way back in April. I won’t recount here (he’s a great rundown of it here), but it involved Dayf of the sadly mostly dormant CardJunk blog. I remember reading CardJunk way back in the late 2000s, when I made my first (and really lousy) attempt at card blogging. Earlier this year, when I got back into blogging, I gave away some of random crap I had in my collection as a way of making trade contacts. I sent Dayf some old Topps basketball cards and – last week – he responded with a very generous package.

Here is a shot of some of Topps base needs he helped me out with. At least, I THINK these were cards from Dayf. There’s a chance I’m mistaken… More on that in a bit.

Christ, it’s nothing but mystery and misdirection with this guy, ain’t it?

Here are some vintage Topps goodies that, again I’m pretty sure, Dayf sent.

Now this one, I know for sure came from him. I even yelped a bit as I turned it over in the stack.

Oh yeah! That’s a rookie card of the MVP and World Champion Jose Altuve. I’ve been after one of these for a while. I actually pulled one back in the day. I opened a decent amount of ’11 Update when it was new, although I never found a Trout. I did have an Altuve, but mailed it away when he was still doing TTM autos (it never came back).

Here it is in my mostly-full 2011 Update binder. Beautiful!

I also got a nice package from Julie Owens at A Cracked Bat. Julie sent a heap of great Brewers cards, many of which were new to me.

But the highlight of the package was a Brewers team set from 1994 Fleer Extra Bases… part of a series of “tall boy” sets they released. They had one for each sport, although I’m pretty sure none of the sets returned for a second year.

I also pulled off a Twitter swap with Scott of I Need New Hobbies, which is a new blog to me. Scott was smitten with the Bryce Harper 661 RC I pulled from a Fairfield repack and, after some negotiations, we agreed on a swap. He sent me a bunch of stuff I needed for my Topps sets – maybe those cards pictured above that I tentatively credited to Dayf? Maybe not? Anyway, if it wasn’t that stuff, it was pretty similar. I DO know, however, that Scott sent me these –

Those are some of Seattle Pilots from the 1969 Milton Bradley game set. Actually, Salmon was never a Pilot, but I like it nonetheless. These was a great scoop from a set I didn’t even know existed.

WHEW. So there you have it. I’m not totally caught up on trade posts, but I’m getting closer. And for that, I am thankful.


  1. Great stuff all around. I was excited to find that Phillips SP at the recent card show I attended -- such media frenzy isn't often seen on cards.

    It's always a good feeling going back and discovering cards you never knew you had in the first place, as you did with the Altuve. I actually found a copy of that one at my local flea market for a whopping 20 cents a few months ago. Aside from the obvious MVP rookie factor, it's simply a great photo.

  2. Nick and his .20 cent Altuve. He's a magician I tell ya! Very nice card to receive in trade Dayf!! Matt, I'm happy you enjoyed the Fleer Bases. These take up entirely too much space but I like the design and photos.