Sunday, November 5, 2017

Lookin' Sharp on Door #11

John Sharp goes for prize #11...

(Chapstick not included)

Action Flats! Topps tried this in 1999ish and it didn’t catch on. You get Junior a base-less Ripken, Barry Sanders, and Ryan Leaf (oh yeah!). Also includes the box and card for the Griffey. 

I promise this is the last package that includes Ryan Leaf item. 

On we move to Sports Card Collectors... pick 6, 9, or 10, lock in the oversized lot of the Lofton or steal anything else revealed.


Dayf - Lofton signed photo
Brad B - 8x10s, posters
Gavin - Oversized card lot
Lost Collector - Junior and Montana Sports Shots 
Angels in Order - Ripken items
Nick- Namath and 61 baseball books
Bo - Oversized lot
Gavin - President's Reserve promo kit 
Stealing Home - SportsCard Mags 
Matt K - James Lofton Photo 
Dayf - Topps Mag Premiums 
John Sharp - Action Flats