Sunday, November 5, 2017

SCC Picks One for Eli...

In honor of Eli Manning, Sports Card Collector picks #10...

A set of AFC Central micro helmets I bought for some damned reason. They are from 1997. Hey! A football prize. Fitting, I suppose. Although I know enough about football to know that Eli Manning does not wear any of those hats. 

It's Mark Kaz's turn! He can pick 6 or 9 or steal!


Dayf - Lofton signed photo
Brad B - 8x10s, posters
Gavin - Oversized card lot
Lost Collector - Junior and Montana Sports Shots 
Angels in Order - Ripken items
Nick- Namath and 61 baseball books
Bo - Oversized lot
Gavin - President's Reserve promo kit 
Stealing Home - SportsCard Mags 
Matt K - James Lofton Photo 
Dayf - Topps Mag Premiums 
John Sharp - Action Flats  
Sports Card Collector - Little football hats 


  1. Pretty cool. Love the throwback Oilers and Ravens

  2. As a Giants fan and an Eli fan, I hate to say it but he looks done