Friday, November 3, 2017

Lost Collector is FIVE ALIVE!

There used to be a frozen juice when I was a kid called 'Five Alive!" It had five different fruit juices in it and I loved it. It didn't hurt that it quoted Short Circuit ("NUMBER FIVE... ALIVE"), which was my favorite movie until I was probably 10 years old. 

Anyway, the Lost Collector goes with door number five here...

A pair of “Sports Shots” books. Sorta like card-sized books. You get Junior and Super Joe. Not bad.

 Ok, next up is Tom from Angels in Order. You can pick 3, 4, or 6-12. Or steal. Or pass. 


Dayf - Lofton signed photo
Brad B - 8x10s, posters
Gavin - Oversized card lot
Lost Collector - Junior and Montana Sports Shots

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