Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nick picks prize number three

Sorry for the delay on this one, everybody. A full evening of beer, Walker Texas Ranger reruns, pizza, and hammerschlagen put me a bit behind schedule this morning. Hammerschlagen! Probably my favorite bar game of all-time. I recommend Victoria's On Potter if you happen to be the Milwaukee area. It's a great dive bar. They used to let you throw peanut shells on the floor, but a problem with mice ended that tradition a few years ago. C'est la vie.  

Anyway, Nick went with prize number three...

Books! My previous attempt to give away books via this blog didn’t go so well, but here we have a couple of paperback oldies. One on Joe Namath and the other a preview of the 1961 baseball season. Super!

Moving right along, it's now Bo's turn. 

You can pick 4, 6, or 8-12. Or steal or pass. 


Dayf - Lofton signed photo
Brad B - 8x10s, posters
Gavin - Oversized card lot
Lost Collector - Junior and Montana Sports Shots 
Angels in Order - Ripken items

Nick- Namath and 61 baseball books


  1. This game needs some stealing. I'll steal the oversized card lot. Thanks!

  2. Hey Nick. If you end up with the books and want a new home for the 1961 book,hit me up!