Thursday, November 2, 2017

Basement Fun Game AWAY!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on what should be a fun game! There are 13 players and 13 prizes, a player will have 24 hours to make a pick (I will notify you via email when you are up). You can pick a number that corresponds to a prize or steal a prize that has already been revealed. Prizes are locked after their second steal, and if your prize is stolen, you pick next (but cannot steal back the prize you just lost). 

I have placed the players into a randomizer in the order in which they signed up...

And a quick shuffle puts Dayf at the top of the list... last to join, first to play, how about that? 

The list in full: 

  1. Dayf
  2. Brad B
  3. Gavin
  4. Lost Collector
  5. Angels in Order
  6. Nick
  7. Bo
  8. Stealing Home
  9. Matt Keppel
  10. John Sharp
  11. Sport Card Collectors
  12. Mark Kaz
  13. Adam Sanders

Your move, Dayf!