Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ain't Nothing but an (A thru) G Thang...

[Default comment about how rarely I post]

Anyway, with some mid-summer free time, I've made an effort to get back into my Big Brewers Count or whatever the heck I called it way back when I started this thing. (checking) AH! Brewneverse! Ok, whatever, I counted all my Brewers "G" cards and, now have tallied Aaron through Gwynn, Jr., my total stands at....

2,347 different Brewers cards!!

The "OG" of the group (Overall most often appearing with a G-starting last name) was hurler Yovanni Gallardo... who inexplicably turns up as a Brewer, with a years-old photo, in 2018 Topps series two. 

 And since there is a prize attached to the outcome of this count, let's check the leaderboard...

Laurens – 2,200 
THROUGH G -  2,347
Angels in Order – 4,444
Sportscard Collectors – 4,444
Doug Hoback – 6,500
Mike Matson – 6,700
Gavin – 6,969 (nice)
Bo – 7,676
GCA – 7,955
Trevor P – 8,100
Adam Kaninger – 8,750
EP – 9,009
Nick – 9,219
Rob 792 – 9,482
Jon – 9,700
Fuji – 9,887
Adam Sanders – 10,100
ARPSmith – 11,111
The Lost Collector – 12,224

Looking like I won't need to worry about that tie-breaker at 4,444...

Next up, the H's! Hall, Hardy, Hamilton, Hart...

and, uh, Hader... Yeah... what timing.