Saturday, April 8, 2017


I guess I boned a little bit when getting my card blog started. I was familiar with wordpress through my personal website and some other blogging I had done. But within the card-blogosphere, blogger seems to pretty much be the industry standard. To do little things like create a blogroll or even comment on other blogs became a major pain in the ass. So, I've decided to switch over to blogger with a brand new version of my "Summer of '74" blog, before it became too much of a hassle to do so. I will keep the other blog up, just in case anyone wants to look back at it for some reason (oh, the memories of those years that month).

I've got a blogroll up and am now following a bunch of my favorite writers. I'll do a contest post next week sometime to get gin up a little interest and give away something cool. I also have all my wantlists copied and moved over. Everything else, email/addy/twitter remains the same. I will now post a way-wicked-baddass image of Harvey Kuenn below, just to see how one goes about inserting an image on this platform...
"I tell 'em to go out there and swing like hell, what else?"
Hm. Relatively easy. No drag-n-drop. But what can you do?


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