Monday, April 10, 2017

A Contest!!

Holy heck, I'm doing a contest! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. In ONE WEEK, on Sunday April 16 at 6 pm central, I'll stop taking names and will draw a winner via one of those internet randomizers that evening. 

All you need to do is comment, but you can actually do so much more. Just for commenting, you will get this if your name is drawn: 

That would be an authentic 1958 Topps Ernie Banks All Star card.

Now if you're name is drawn and you ALSO follow my blog, then you will also get these:

Now before you all go ape-flop here, that is NOT a real '56 Clemente. It is one of those reproductions you see on eBay. I bought it for reasons I no longer recall. It's a nice display piece, if nothing else. But those ARE authentic Pro Set football cards. Both an Emmitt Smith rookie and the Art Shell card with the letter too big or something like that. I put it in a toploader long ago, so I must have had a reason.

Now if your name is drawn AND you follow my dumb twitter account (@mjpmke), you will also win THIS:

THAT is an authentic 35-year old price guide (OFFICIAL!). I got it at a thrift shop for 35 cents. I bet its worth at least TWICE that to the right person. And to whomever wins, I'll also throw in some other fun crap, based on your interests. And if you are interested in Pro Set football, get ready for a big box. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm game for a contest. Count me in. I've even retweeted it.

  2. Cool.. thanks for the contest!

  3. I bought 59 Ted Williams and Musial All-star cards recently. cheaper way to get older HOF players.

  4. Um, Banksy, sure I'll enter. Feel free to list my blog, I post '74s, quite a bit in fact.

  5. I'm in...and I follow. As an FYI, there's no share option on here for me to share on Twitter. :-(

    1. Awesome! A lot of times when I'm going through blogs I'm on my iPad. It's not as easy to copy/paste so sometimes I skip sharing those.

    2. By the way, I love the old price guide!

  6. I'll jump in. yay proset. that set was the bomb.

  7. Thank you for the contest! Love Mr. Banks! @DavidMackey77