Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Card Show Haul/ Stuff up for Trade

It had been a damn long time since I'd been to a card show when I finally managed to make it out to the monthly Milwaukee-area show at Gonzaga Hall. I used to semi-frequent the shows held at Serb Hall on the city's south side (George Wallace wowed them there back in '64). The Serb Hall shows were always pretty sparsely-attended, so I wasn't expecting much at Gonzaga. As it turned out, it was a pretty packed room - over 50 dealers and a few hundred people. I went with the intention of doing some dime box-digging, looking for fun or weird stuff or Brewers I don't have or maybe some set fillers. But with the crowd and the combination springtime cold/hangover I was nursing, I wasn't much in the mood for elbowing for space at the monster boxes with a bunch of @nycguidovoice look-alikes in Bart Starr jerseys. 

I still managed to have a pretty productive show visit. I snagged a quartet of factory sets for $5 each - '87, '91, and '92 Topps and the beastly bastard that is 1991 Score. The Topps sets were a nice pick, as I am planning long-term to build a series of Topps baseball sets as a far back as I can afford. These are three sets I fairly adore, but there is little sport in hand-collating them and buying them on eBay means paying three times as much for shipping as the actual product. And that Score beast... it's a set I've always been interested in, mostly because of the mass of subsets, but I really have no idea what I'm going to do with it.

When I'm a little more binder/9 pocket rich, I'll page the Topps sets up. But for now, they will live in the corner of the closet shelf I have cleared away for cards. Look at pic!!! I feel like posting it on craiglist with a "THOUSANDS OF BASE BALL CARDS MINT $500" title. 

I also managed to knock a few players off my All-Time Brewers project list. I picked up Heritage cards of Brent Suter, Hernan Perez, and Travis Shaw and scored a few old police team sets, which are always good for obscure relief pitchers or catchers.

O! The joy of a page completed! Huzzah! I love how these police sets still dole out 1950s advice to kids, "Look both ways before crossing the street!" "Eat less candy!" "Don't trust the Kremlin!" This 2011 set is also weird in that they apparently expected kids to cut the cards into little standee-type things. They're not perforated or anything, either, which would make it a pretty tough scissors job for a child. 

I might have stopped here if not for my BIG WIN - yes, my number was drawn for a $25 show credit. I used it on something I wouldn't normally have picked up - NEW WAX! There wasn't a huge selection there, so I settled on an already-discounted box of 2016 Topps update. With the credit, it only cost me $15, which is a win in my book. It was a productive box, too. With the small stack of update I already had, I managed to get within three cards (18, 20, 67, if you have them) of the complete set. I also got a bunch of inserts that I really don't want. So anything below is up for trades. 

Some gold things numbered from 2016. I might hang on to the Berrios, since it's a rookie and all. I dunno. 

This guy! Numbered out of 65. I got a Matt Kemp numbered out of 50, too, but that one is already out in the mail. 


A laundry card! This was the "hit" of the box, which doesn't do a thing to change my lack of interest in hits. It's actually a pretty good-looking card - I like the colors and the graphics a lot, but I have no interest in keeping it. 

Some "Fire" inserts. These actually look pretty bad-ass. I'm not sure how the fire theme works in, but still. Anyway, I've got this one as well as Sano, Synenyrddrgaarrd, and Correa. I want none of them. 

3000 Hits Club... Hits? I have never heard anyone call it the "3000 hits club." Isn't it usually 3000 HIT club? Anyway, there's this and Wagner, Kaline, Clemente, Carew, and Murray. Have at them. 

This isn't even a card... come on, it's a damn advertisement for Franklin. There's this one and Cespedes. Take them off my hands.  


First pitch cards. I sorta liked this concept at first, but then I began to remember how much I hate celebrities. This Jo Jo, according to the back of the card, was on one of those 'find someone to marry' shows. Barf-city. I also have Warren G, April Ludgate, Keith Urban, Jeff Bauman, and Burke Waldron. Marry as many of them as you like. 

I'm also working on another trade bait post, which I should have up tomorrow. I swear to hell, I'm going to trick someone into taking my old Pro Set football.

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