Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Fellow Blogger Judges Me

See? I told you I was serious about keeping up the blog in 2019!

Last week, AJ from The Lost Collector posted some of his pulls from his first try at 2019 Topps on Twitter. He hit a Lorenzo Cain photo variation card and, after I commented on how prudy it was, he said he'd send it my way and to send back whatever I felt was a fair swap for it.

Blind trades!! Fun for all!

Today, it arrived in the mail...

And purdy it is indeed! Checking out, it seems that the picture is from the July 31 game, with Cain asking for time after a run-scoring double that accounted for the only run of a Milwaukee win. Fun! And I certainly do thank AJ for the card. He also included this note...

Hm. A Judge auto? That seems a bit steep. I mean, it's a nice card and all, but I'd hate to part with either of my Judge autos...

Judge Elana Kagan and Judge Sonia Sotomayor. I got both of these via TTM a few years ago. It's not easy getting Supreme Court autos, and - even though I really like the Cain - I'm afraid I've got to hang on to these. 

Ohhhhh. Not that kind of Judge. I feel like a real turnip. Of course, he must have been talking about this Judge Auto...

Again, not to be ungrateful, but this Jim Pittsley Signature Rookies (Old) Judge auto is part of my All-Time Brewers collection, so I actually do need it. Probably more than most peopled a Jim Pittsley auto. 

So, shucks man, it looks like I'll have to find something else for you, since I can't really part with any of my Judge autos right now. Too bad you didn't get to me back in 2017, when I was just dying to get rid of an Aaron Judge auto I got TTM. Oh well. 


  1. Not what I had in mind!! Glad I could send the Cain.

  2. How about a Judge Reinhold autograph? That'd be pretty cool.

    1. Ohhhh! I was think Mike Judge, but Reinhold is probably cheaper.

  3. The Kagan and Sotomayor autos are pretty awesome. I've met some interesting political figures in my day but never got autos.