Thursday, July 13, 2017

Being Haunted by Wayne Gretzky and the Aaron Judge Auto I Don't Want

A few years ago, I bid on (for some reason) and won a 12-inch tall Wayne Gretzky MacFarlane figure on listia. I got a bunch of MacFarlanes, for no reason more than I just through they looked kinda cool. Whatever.

Anyway, when I got the thing, it immediately became a burden on me. Yeah, Wayne himself is only 12 inches tall, but he's got his arms up in the air like some kind of demon, holding up his hockey bat (stick? who cares) with a look on his face like he's just back from the dead. The thing is about three feet tall in actuality. Just look at this...

When I got the figure, I lived in a basement apartment that was about 400 feet square. The entire space occupied by this thing (it stood on a sizable base) was literally as big as a microwave stood on its end. I couldn't put it ANYWHERE. I had no closet space and no cabinets to hide it in. It just sat out on the floor, MOCKING ME.

I also couldn't bring myself to throw it out. It looked expensive, after all. But it weighed on me every waking moment I spent in my apartment. It got to the point that I'd forget about while I was at work and them immediately feel the crush of it when I got home. It was like a bad relationship where you physically begin to ache just being around the person. It was painfully invasive! It literally began to depress me.   

After a few weeks, I managed to trick a friend into taking it home with her after a night of drinking at my place. A week later, she began to text me about how much SHE hated it now and how much her roommates hated HER for bringing it home. The curse was not broken until she left it at the backdoor of a Goodwill after hours and ran away. 

There is something currently in my collection that is similarly weighing on me these days.

Yeah, its an autograph of the hottest baseball player on the planet. (Don't you feel just awful for me?)

I snagged Judge in a TTM request to the Yankees' spring training facility in March. I was pleased when I got it back (although partially because I kept confusing him with Clint Frazier). When Judge went bonkers in April, I actually had to go back and make sure that I had his sig and not Fraizer's. By the end of April, I was considering selling it. I figured the market would never be better and, seeing Richie Sexson written all over him, figured I wouldn't be losing out on much. 

But I held on to it, a bit wary of selling something I had gotten TTM. Of course, since then, Judge-mania has only gotten crazier (let's call it Judge-mania-mania) and slabbed Judge autos are selling for $150 plus on ebay. I've never submitted anything to PSA. Mostly because I don't care and don't really trust their judg.. uh, assessments. But it seems that if I do want to sell the card (I'm still not sure I should) I'd need to get it slabbed. Of course, if I don't sell it, it doesn't mean anything to me to have it slabbed (or to spend $40 and wait six weeks to get it back). 

I still do not have faith that Aaron Judge is going to be the next Trout or anything like him. Big guys just don't age well and Judge is already into what should be his peak years age-wise. So I still want to get rid of this card, I just don't know how. I posted on blowoutforums, hoping to swing a trade (I feel better doing that with a TTM than getting cash for it), but have so far had no real interest. I supposed people are wary about putting much up for a TTM auto and, to be honest, I don't really blame them. 

So, it just weighs on me now. I'd gladly trade it for some stuff that could fill in the gaps in Topps base sets. I'm open to offers. Or advice on what to do. Maybe I'll call up that old friend, get drunk with her, and slip it into her bag before she goes home.


  1. Cool that you got him TTM in spring. I tried and never got anything back, although I got him in 2014 so no big deal.

    If you slab it you'll get the most, but I've see a few IP/TTMs doing ok on eBay. Hopefully you can just work out a trade in the forums for some Brewers you don't want.

  2. I'm already working on a trade for you and could throw a LOT of Topps base your way.

  3. I've got a priority mail box full of Topps base for you packed up and ready to go. I just have to find time to send it.

    1. Awesome! Very much looking forward to it.