Thursday, July 6, 2017

1991 Topps: A Follow-Up

It was the hour or two on a lazy afternoon that I spent catching up on some podcasts and sleeving up my '91 Topps set that inspired me to do yesterday's post. 

The set contains 792 cards, a memory-loaded number for many collectors. 792-card sets fit perfectly into 88 9-pocket pages, leaving the final card in a satisfying spot in the final page of the binder. 

But my set didn't have 792 cards! Nine were missing! As I mentioned, I only paid five dollars for the thing. It came in a factory set box and may or may not have been sealed when I bought it (I can't recall).  

Anyway, my beautiful 1991 Topps set is short the following cards: 

79 - Frank Thomas
243 - Lance Johnson
393 - Carlton Fisk AS
414 - Sammy Sosa
420 - Bobby Thigpen
523 - Rodney McCray
620 - Ozzie Guillen
781 - Darryl Hamilton
785 - Scott Fletcher

Eight White Sox and the late, great Darryl Hamilton. Weird...

Anyway, if anyone has any of these laying around, I'd greatly appreciate a PWE.


  1. Has anyone come to you about these cards yet? I most likely have them if you are interested. Drop me an email: tim(underscore)gretchen(underscore)marriage at
    I came across your blog on the blog All Trade Bait.

  2. I have 420, 523, 781 and 785 for you