Monday, July 24, 2017

Big Fun Charlie!

It's about time I got around to posting about my haul from Gavin's recent BIG FUN GAME at Baseball Card Breakdown. The main part of my prize was an encased Charlie Hayes auto from 2005 Topps Retired. Not to sound like I'm denigrating Gavin's generosity, but this was a prize that was not exactly in dire threat of being stolen. Charlie had a decent career, but he never made an All Star game and was mostly role player. His biggest claim to fame was probably catching the last out of the 1996 World Series. He did, however, get some MVP votes in 1995. This is pretty baffling, actually. Hayes had a pretty run-of-the-mill season for the second-division Phillies and led the league in nothing more than grounding into double plays. 

BUT! Charlie Hayes spend a year with the Brewers, the second-to-last of this career. He got into 121 games as a corner infielder and put up mostly pedestrian numbers. Still, he this prize allows me to cross another Brewer off my all-time autograph list. Charlie is my 208th Brewers autographed card, putting me at an even 25% of the all-time roster.

But I keep those cards in binders. And this fellow is in some big-ass case. Hmm.

A little help from the Milwaukee Tool Company will solve this.

I've broken the seal! 

This case was actually a big harder to open than I anticipated. I switched tools at this point to avoid slicing off a finger. 

Charlie is home! Right between a couple of other also-ran Brewers and just above Jamey Wright, who was still pitching as recently as 2014. 

There were a few other goodies in the bundle Gavin sent. Including this oddball Mickey Mantle reprint. It has since found its way to a Yankees fan. 

Gav tossed in some Brewers as well. Jeromy Burnitz was a pretty fierce slugger for a few years, and this card captures his helicopter swing nicely.

I cannot get enough oddball Brewers, and one-year stop oddballs are even better. Willie Randolph had a hell of season in 1991 for the Crew, batting .327 in his second-to-last year.

I really dig this Archives card of Beej, done in the style of the 1985 #1 picks subset. 

And this Braunie, done in the 1991 style, is instantly one of my favorite cards of his. 

Jeff Cirillo was one of my favorites on the cellar-bound Brewers of the late-1990s. I don't think I've ever seen a Gold Label card in person. They are very impressive. 

And We'll close with a minor league card of Ben Sheets, who is by far the greatest right-hander to ever take the mound for the Brewers. 

Thanks for the big fun, Gavin! I've actually got a PWE headed your way right now. Keep looking up!!!!!

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  1. Congrats again. Glad there was some stuff in there you could use!
    I probably should have asked the winners of encased cards if they wanted the card "freed", because I would have been happy to take it out of the case and save myself a little postage. lol