Friday, August 4, 2017

The Most Love a 1990 Donruss Greg Swindell Has Ever Known

I've been on a bit of posting drought lately, mostly due to getting wrapped up in other writing assignments and having TWO days off that my wife also had off... the first time in something like three weeks that we've had to same days off. We had a couple of very fun days, kayaking and visiting one of our favorite waterfront restaurants. 

We also added another pet rat to our clan. She is an adorable little lady, very curious and friendly. We've named her Mavis. 

And she's already got the collecting bug! Since you need to quarantine a new rat for two week before letting it meet the others, we have her by herself right now. Rats are actually pretty good collectors (they'll build nests out of anything) and also love to chew so, as I did with our other two rats, I gave lil Mavis some junk wax (A 1990 Donruss Greg Swindell MVP) to play with. As you can see, she seems to dig that BIG RED design. She chewed off a corner of the card and likes to keep it inside her plastic igloo as a sort-of sleeping mat. 

In other card news, I completed a MASSIVE trade with Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life. You can see what I sent him here (he generously took that Aaron Judge autograph off my hands). In exchange, he sent me two huge boxes of Topps base cards, mostly from 2002 to the present day. He knocked a ton of cards off my set-building want lists and got my started on a few sets that I had not even begun yet. As I sift through all these, I'll have more wantlists up and I'll probably put together a few posts based on this 4,000+ card haul.

And, lastly, in not-sure-if-anyone cares news, I will be starting a new job next month as the full-time tour director and merchandise manager at the tour boat company where I have worked as a tour guide since 2011. This will mean, for now, that I will be doing much less freelance writing. And I'm pretty OK with that. I've written before on the blog about writing and, as I've alluded to in those posts, freelancing is a tough road to hoe. Hopefully I will be able to refocus on the assignments I am really interested in and on BIG FUN writing, like posts for all of you in the blogosphere. 


  1. Congrats on the new job. Even fewer people will read the comments. :) Mavis is a cutie that is for sure.

  2. great news for you, congrats! I know nothing about pet rats but wouldn't be opposed to having one. she looks pretty cute in her igloo!

  3. Glad you like the cards! Looks like you got rid of Judge at just the right time, as it looks like his magic wore out.

  4. The Astrodome had rats (though not the ones that make good pets) and Swindell was an Astro so this all makes perfect sense.

    And congrats on the new gig.