Friday, June 23, 2017

A Whole New Game...

So I've had it in my head lately to try some kind of BIG FUN type game here at the Summer of '74. But, to be honest, I don't really have the card backstock (or the money for postage) to put on anything that would be worthwhile to the participant. I also the idea to do something involving baseball books - as I have quite a backstock of those. But again, shipping costs made me a bit wary.  So I put some brain on coming up with a new kind of contest and - behold and lo - it came to me while walking back home from Goodwill, where I had just scored FIVE awesome binders.

So here's the idea - I will post a sports or hobby-related book tomorrow and give it away via some kind of to-be-determined contest. The only requirement of the winner will be to post a favorite sports/hobby book from their own shelves and give it away in a similar manner... the winner of that required to do the same thing. And on and on and on this will (hopefully) go, with bloggers getting to check out great books for nothing more than the cost of a media mail stamp. And hey, if you wanna throw in a few cards appropriate to the topic of the book or the nature of the winner, go right ahead, you crazy SOB! If you wanna hijack this idea and start your own give-away, go ahead and do that, too. The more balls in play, the better.

I've decided to call it the "FUN-AT-TIME BOOK CHAIN!" I immediately apologize for coming up with such a stupid name.

So, check back tomorrow when I'll post something that I really enjoyed and get the whole thing started! 


  1. A most excellent idea! I love it.
    You mentioned a "media stamp". Is that some kind of lower rate way to send our books?

  2. Yes, you can mail books/DVDs/CDs via media mail, which takes longer but offers a lower rate.

  3. Great idea Matt! I'm sure folks will take you up on this opportunity!