Wednesday, June 7, 2017

52 Card Pick-Up(s That I need to Make)

I had to drive to the north part of Brookfield this morning. For those of you who do not know my area, the north part of Brookfield is about as near to the east side of Milwaukee as the moon. I kid, of course, but its a long drive on city streets or a stinking long grind on the interstate. My wife had to take her Praxis exam out there which meant, as she has very low eyesight and cannot drive, that I got to make the round-trip TWICE. Wee!

Who cares, right? No one. Anyway, the point of this story is that it gave me a very rare chance to stop at a Target and check out the card aisle (we don't have a car, so I use Zipcar when I do drive). Or so I thought. I stopped after dropping her off only to find out that the damn place hadn't opened yet. Then on the way to pick her up, I was too pressed for time to stop. Again, no one would care or should care about this. But this posted needed a lede. 

I spent the money I didn't spend at Target on some needs for my All-time Brewers project. Last night, I used my incredible subscription to the game finder at to finalize my master checklist for the project and - after today's purchases - I have 52 empty spots in my binders. Thanks to the trading card database, I was able to get a good idea of what is available for each of these players. Most never had a Brewers card, some never even had a major league card, but ALL are available in some degree on cardboard. 

This is not exactly a list of legends here, so finding these will require more patience than cash. But I am VERY interested in trades for anyone on this list. If there is a Brewers card available (as noted), then that is the item I am looking for. If they do not have a Brewers card, I am open to anything, with a preference for Big League sets. Thanks for reading!

Name Notes
Billy Williams 1989 ProCards Akron-Canton Indians Coach - Only known card
Dick Simpson No Pilots Cards, 67-69 Topps other teams
Dooley Womack No Pilots Cards, 67-69 Topps other teams
Garry Roggenburk No Pilots Cards, 64-68 Topps other teams
Gordy Lund No Pilots Cards, 1970 Topps #642, 1979/80/82 TCMA Minor League manager cards
Mike Thomas No MLB Cards, 92 Classic Best/ Procards, 93 Procards, 94 Procards
Ron Rightnowar No MLB Cards, 87-94 Procards
Danny Perez No MLB Cards, 92-94 Procards/ Classic Best, 94-95 Fleer Excel
Kelly Stinnett 1996 Leaf Sig Series - Only Brewers card
Tim Van Egmond 1997 Pacific Prisms Gems of the Diamond #GD 59
Bob Hamelin 1998 Police, 1998 Pacific Online #395, 1998 Ultra #438
Eric Plunk 1999 Police
Greg Martinez No MLB Cards, 93-94 Classic Best, 94 Procards, 96-97 Best
Greg Mullins No MLB Cards, 96-97 Classic Best
Joe Hudson No MLB Cards, 92-94 Classic Best/Procards
Lou Collier 1999 Police
Rich Becker 1999 Police
Steve Falteisek 1999 Police
Kane Davis 00 Pacific Omega w Del Los Santos #187, 01 Ultra w Paul Rigdon #248
David Manning 2003 Fleer Tradition Update #367
Enrique Cruz 03 Police, 03 UD 40 Man #426
Mark Smith No Brewers cards, other team - 1992 UD #66, 1995 Score #284, 1996 Score #236
Peter Zoccolillo 03 UD Finite #292, 03 UD Ultimate #145
Travis Phelps No Brewers cards, many issues w/Rays, 2001-03
Julio Mosquera No Brewers cards, 97 Bowman #112
Allan Simpson No Brewers cards, many issues 2002-05
Chris Spurling No Brewers cards, others 2003-04
Chris Smith No Brewers cards, 02 Bowman Draft #BDP53, 08 UD Authentic, Documentary, Timeline Autos
Mike Burns No Brewers cards, 01 Bowman Chrome #315
Gregg Zaun 2010 Topps Team set #MIL3
Daniel Ray Herrera No Brewers Cards, 08 Stadium Club Auto, 10 Heritage #66
Frankie De La Cruz No MLB cards, 2012 Iowa Cubs - perhaps others
Edwin Maysonet No Brewers cards, 07 Bowman Prospects #BP33, 09 Bowman #219, 09 Topps Update #12
Blake Lalli No Brewers cards, 10 Bowman Chrome #145
Donovan Hand 13 Panini Pasttime #179, 13 Panini Select #168
Matt Pagnozzi No MLB cards, MiLB issues 03-13
Juan Centeno 15 Panini Prizm Auto
Preston Guilmet No MLB Cards, MiLB issues, 11 - 15
Tyler Cravy No MLB Cards, MiLB issues 11-16
Yhonathan Barrios No MLB Cards, 12, 15 MiLB cards
Andrew Susac No Brewers cards, 12 Bowman prospects #BP97, 15 Topps #232
Carlos Torres No Brewers cards, 15 Topps #173
Colin Walsh No Brewers cards, 12 Bowman Pros #BCP 137
Damien Magnifico 12 Panini Auto
Jacob Barnes No MLB Cards, MiLB cards 11-16
Jake Elmore No Brewers cards, 13 Topps Update #186
Manny Pina No MLB cards
Michael Kirkman No Brewers cards, 10 Bowman Pros #BCP 143

Ramon Flores 17 Heritage team #397
Rob Scahill No Brewers cards, 11 Bowman Chrome Pros #BCP204, 13 Topps #185, 


  1. I wasn't familiar with the 'other' Billy Williams so I looked him up. Wow!! 18 (EIGHTEEN!!) years in the minors starting in 1952 and then he gets to the Pilots in September of 1969 at the age of 37. He gets 12 at bats in four games and his career is over.

    He passed away a few years ago at 80. Would have loved to have heard him tell his story.

  2. I was not either. I'm glad that he does have a card out there, though. Even though he is listed as a coach, he is posing in a batting stance just like on an old card. He had probably been waiting a long time to strike that pose for a card photographer.

  3. I have Kane Davis 2001 Ultra #248; Mark Smith 1995 Donruss #372; Travis Phelps 2003 Fleer Tradition #341; Rob Scahill 2013 Topps #185. Send me an email if you want to trade. borosny at gmail dot com