Sunday, May 13, 2018

Getting Excited Again - 9 Cards at a Time

Oh. Hello there.

You might remember me. I used to blog pretty regular here. But then I went back to school like an idiot and had no time for my fun little endeavors like this. Well, the semester is over, suckas! So, here I am again.

I am a creature of habits, good and bad. I get into habits, like running (I used to do thirty miles a week) or model building (I got really into this for a while) or card blogging (like I mentioned above). But just as running is a habit, NOT running is a habit, NOT building, NOT blogging. TO be honest, these are much easier habits to keep up with. Cheaper too.

Anyway, I’m going to spend this summer trying to correct some of my habits. Like Forrest Gump in the desert, I’m afraid my running days is over (posterior tibial tendonitis saw to that), but getting back into blogging is an achievable goal.

And also sorta of back into collecting. I’ve been recently in a kind of down period as a collector. I just haven’t been overly excited about anything in a while. This, with the time constraints, has made me a bit scarce in the online collecting community the past few months. So I wanna recharge that! I wanna make some swaps! I wanna do some fun stuff! Summer’s a-coming and my team is winning. It’s the nature of the season!

The one thing I have been keeping up with is my 2018 brewersNOW set. As I said in one my last posts, I was THRILLED with how these cards turned out. I have since gotten another order of 20 and am working on the backside copy for another order of 20. So, about one-fifth of the way into the season, I am sitting on a set of 60-plus cards.

I have also recently put my brewersNOW cards into some 9-pockets. I’ve always felt that in order to properly gauge a set of cards as a SET, you need to see them nine at a time. It just gives you a different perspective on them. For example, recent Topps flagship sets have looked OK on their own, but just don’t really work in pages.

For example, take a look at 2017 Topps, which was a design that – on its own – I kinda liked.

But look at a page of these. It’s just a mess.

But then look at this page of 1992 Topps. It’s artful in a way I cannot really describe.

So I was just as excited to check these cards out in some Ultra Pros as I was to see them in real life in the first place. And….

I think they play really, really well.

And I ended up being very pleased with my decision to do the “team” set and the “highlight” set separately.

I’m not sure that the highlight cards look as good in pages – I’m not as wild about the design of these – but having the big headlines in the upper left with each one give a nice sense of order to the set.

And looking forward, I managed a couple of really cool cards commemorating Freddy Peralta’s amazing debut today in Colorado.

So, that’s where my excitement index tops out at the moment. I’m going to try to get back in to habit of posting and sharing what I’m getting into and hopefully that will lead to me getting back into my old ways and getting excited about new things.


  1. borders make the difference. Flagship does not show well paged. I'm fond of alliteration so found many of these cards amusing - the stuff of greatness! good to see you back!

  2. Like all hobbies I think, they go in cycles. Can't tell how many times I've busted out a model only to put it up again a few weeks later. Still enjoy it from time to time though.

  3. Blogging -- and collecting in general -- has its ebbs and flows. I know I've had my fair share of each throughout my collecting life. Just flipping through one of my binders is often a good way to quell the ebbs, because cards really do deserve to be displayed in binders.

  4. These look great. Especially the team set. I need to get some of mine printed and paged.

  5. It must be that time of the year. I'm in the mood to correct some habits too. Gonna try to get 10k steps 5 days a week... with a minimum 65k for the whole week. Was going to go for the Joe DiMaggio challenge and walk 10k steps 56 days in a row, but I felt that was setting the bar a little high. Baby steps.

    I'm also going to start golfing 9 holes 2x a week (walking the course). That should help with my steps.

    1. Sounds good! I'm back to working regular, so that's six miles of biking a day. I used to love running. But my ankles did not.

    2. Lol. My body couldn't handle running. Maybe one day. Have fun biking. Maybe this summer I'll dust off the cruiser and start riding around town.