Thursday, April 5, 2018

Brewneverse Update!

The deadline has now passed for making a guess at the "How Big is my Crewneverse?" contest, which will give out a fine prize package for whoever can guess nearest to the total number of unique Brewers cards in my collection. 

Here are the entrants and their guesses:

Laurens – 2,200
Angels in Order – 4,444
Sportscard Collectors – 4,444
Doug Hoback – 6,500
Mike Matson – 6,700
Gavin – 6,969 (nice)
Bo – 7,676
GCA – 7,955
Trevor P – 8,100
Adam Kaninger – 8,750
EP – 9,009
Nick – 9,219
Rob 792 – 9,482
Jon – 9,700
Fuji – 9,887
Adam Sanders – 10,100
ARPSmith – 11,111
The Lost Collector – 12,224

4,444 was a popular guess and I supposed I should think of some kind of rule to deal with a tie. However, since I am sitting at 1,719 having just finished the E's, I'm sorry to say that both Angels in Order and SSC (as well as Laurens) will probably come in a bit short. 

I have yet to make much more progress in the count, which involves sorting, weeding out doubles, ordering by year and brand, and entry into the trading card database. I was planning on using my birthday off-day (today, wheee!) to get through the F's and G's, but I sliced off a tiny, tiny piece of my thumb last evening while chopping food (no fooling... lotsa blood, but I'm fine) and the resulting band aid has made my card-flippin' thumb pretty much worthless. So, I'll need to wait until I can go bare-thumbed to get back at this. Anyway, the longer this contest goes on, the more fun stuff I'll add to the pot. So there's that. 

And how about some more for the pot?

How about these? That's a 1995 TSC Clear-Cut Leaders card of Len Dykstra that was the big hit from my recent Goodwill pack find. And a deck of hologram stickers from a 1991 factory set. Clear! Shiny! It's got something for everyone!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go injure myself in another remarkably stupid way. Perhaps I'll set myself on fire trying to blow out a birthday candle...


  1. Well, I tried lol. Didn't know I picked the same as someone or vice versa haha

  2. Happy birthday! Those Clear-Cut inserts are beautiful. Gotta love acetate baseball cards.

  3. I gave myself a nice cut slicing a bagel once. At least it was on my off hand.

    Happy birthday!

  4. Happy (belated) birthday, my friend!