Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Series One Checklist Thoughts

O Happy Day! The Topps series one checklist has arrived, meaning that all us bloggers can now piss and moan about it! I'm gonna take a quick look at the Brewers on the list, but first... check out this exclusive LEAKED image of Ryan Braun's 2018 card...

.. thank God I got this (can't tell you how), or I would have had no image to go with this post! It looks... not great. Get it together, Topps. 

 So in the base set, we have:

Brandon Woodruff RC
Brett Phillips
Chase Anderson
Corey Knebel
Jonathan Villar
Keon Broxton
Lewis Brinson
Neil Walker
Orlando Arcia
Ryan Braun
Zach Davies
Zach Davies LL
Team Card

That's actually not too bad. The only guy no longer with the organization is Neil Walker, but I don't at all mind his inclusion here as this is his first card as a Brewer and will fit into my all-time roster binder. It's also a pretty decent-sized list, hopefully indicating a robust overall team checklist. 

We already know that series two will feature Manny Pina and Josh Hader (all-star rookies), and should include Eric Thames, Jesus Aguilar, Travis Shaw, Domingo Santana, and Jimmy Nelson... leaving five spots open for guys like Stephen Vogt and Eric Sogard, who are each yet without a Brewers card, or for bullpen guys or role players.

We've also go certified autos of Domingo Santana and Brandon Woodruff in series one, which will also fill vacancies in my all-time Brewers auto set. 

And, hey, only three Aaron Judge cards in series one!

Overall, my early impressions from this list are pretty positive. What a weird way to feel about a new Topps product...


  1. Nothing too exciting Pirate wise. Looks like Glasnow is the only "standard" Pirate auto. Since he was in every sing product last year that is a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I'll just troll whomever hits that Clemente cut auto by putting $10 offers on it on eBay.

  2. Rats. Only three Judge cards in Series One? Isn't he almost the lone subject of a complete insert series? So disappointing, sharing the spotlight and all.

  3. Braun looks like he's grown a bit.

  4. No Tigers pitcher, and my namesake, Matt Boyd in Series 1...ugh.

  5. What? A Brewers fan who is okay with a Topps checklist? What has happened here? I haven't looked at the checklist yet, but I hope they have balanced it out for some other teams, as well.