Saturday, December 23, 2017

Secret Santa Time! Trevor of Bump n Run Delivers!

Happy Holidays!!!

To start things off, I’m happy for these holidays. Yes, this will make three posts in a row that will open with news about one of my pet rats. And if that’s too much for you, well, tough beans.

But this is good news. Idgie, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week and not given much of a chance to survive through Christmas, has made a pretty remarkable recovery. It seems the worst of her symptoms was being caused by an ear infection that, with a simple dose of antibiotics, has cleared up. She can eat and drink on her own again and is moving around much, much better than she was a few days ago. And that is the best present I will get this year.

But my secret santa gift was pretty nice, too. Trevor P from Bump n Run cards drew my name. he did the whole bit, wrapped up my gift and even sending along a family Christmas card… even with a damn poem on the back!

How nice!


Trevor did some fine common-scouring and came up with a few nice stacks of Topps base needs.

That 93/95 lot came in particular use these past few days as I put together those two sets from some vending boxes I recently picked up.

He also included cards that will make fine additions to my Brewers collection.

Rickie Weeks spent three years as one the best second basemen in baseball. And he had the best hair on the Brewers for even longer.

Braden Webb was a third-round pick in the 2016 draft. He had a decent debut with the Wisconsin T-Rattlers last year. This is my first card of his and, in honesty, I hadn’t even heard of him before I saw this.

Another shiny Bowman card, this one is pretty slick. I’m building up a pretty dcent Arcia collection.

More Rickie, this one serial-numbered.

Big Ben Sheets is probably the greatest right-hander in team history. This is my first Triple Threads card, I think. It’s rigid as hell, the type of card that wouldn’t crease, but just snap in two.

A Leather and Lumber Robin Yount, numbered out of 1,000. I think my next writing project will be a lumberjack-themed erotic novel titled, “Leather and Lumber.”

This is my first Gallery card of 2017 and I’m pretty glad I didn’t buy any of this. Don’t get me wrong, this Thames is awesome – highlighting his 10th inning walk-off against the Padres last June. It was an awesome moment in a season that was full of them and I LOVE cards that capture games like that. But the set itself seems a bit boring. I think they did not do the artwork justice with the presentation.

Go-Go in blue. Always nice to add a new Gomez card.

More Sheets! This one in their Negro League Milwaukee Bears alternates. It’s always a good look for them.

Here is Jeromy Burnitz relic card, back from they actually claimed that these swatches were game-used by the player pictured. I’m pretty sure this is my first Burnie relic.

Hey! Now this one goes right in the Brewers All-Time binder. I already had a Clark auto, but it was on a Panini card and licensed always bests unlicensed.

Thrillo Cirillo! One of my favorites from the dead zone of the mid-1990s. I have a few other Brewers from this Signature Rookies “Old Judge” set. It’s a weird-looking set, as was everything SR produced, and I wish they would have used a picture of him in a white or grey uni so that the autograph wasn’t quite so lost. But still, this is one of my favorite cards of the lot.

For a moment, I thought this was the shortstop Alex Gonzalez (who the Brewers INEXPLICABLY played at first base during his one season in Milwaukee) and I was pumped, since I lack his autograph. But, this is not that Alex Gonzalez. This would be Chi-Chi Gonzalez, the Rangers prospect who might now be a former prospect. It’s kind of tricky, as there is no team indicated and no bio on this card. Anyway, it’ll go with my Rangers cards.

And, in addition to these, there were some other Brewers cards that will find a place in one of binders just as soon as I have the time. Thanks much to Trevor for the package and Matt of Bob Walk the Plank for putting this all together.

Happy Holidays, all!


  1. Ah, dang. Swing and a miss on the Gonzalez! That's my bad. I'm glad you liked the rest of the package. I hope those cards fill holes in your collection. Merry Christmas!

    1. No worries. I've almost bought that same card like, twice.

  2. That was an awesome poem, to go along with that awesome gift!

  3. Cards AND poetry? That's a winner of a trade package if I've ever seen one. Glad to hear Idgie is doing better, and lots of great stuff there. Gonna have to pick up a copy of that Gallery Thames at some point. Hope you and yours have a great holiday, Matt!

  4. That's an awesome gift. I forgot how good Sheets and Weeks were for those Brewers teams I hated.