Sunday, July 2, 2017

Diggin' into Series Two

So, it's been a while since I've posted anything of substance and, to be honest, I've gotten kind of back up on things. I had a number of posts I meant to do, but never got around to any of them. Such as things go, I suppose.

My Big "get" over the past few weeks was some Topps Series 2. Since this is the first time I am collecting the current-year base set since 2010, I was pretty excited about getting into the second wave. Wax box prices were a bit high for my present state, but I managed to find someone on eBay selling jumbo pack lots for a price that worked out to just under $7 each. Not bad all, even assuming that the seller had searched out any packs with hits.

But wait, that turned out not to be the case, as I pulled this Gregory Palanco batting glove (I think) relic numbered out of 25. One of the better relics I've pulled, but still nothing I was interested in keeping. It's already been traded. 

Despite its flaws, I do like this set. There are some GREAT photos like this one from last year's incredible World Series.

And I got a pair of first-time Brewers cards for a couple of guys pacing this year's offense. Shame about the Thames, though. That is some next-level laziness on the part of Topps. If you are not familiar, Thames has been wearing a very large beard for a while now. I expect photoshopping, but maybe if your only option is a four-year old photo it's time to get a little creative with the whole process. A press conference photo? A photo from Korea? Hell, photoshop his damn beard! That would be fun. 

At least they included his NC Dinos stats on the back. That is very cool.

Speaking of cool, I loooove this card. It might be the best of the set. 

Topps also started doing this weird thing in series 2 where they blur out the faces of fans. You can see it above.

And above.

And above.

It gives the photos a weird kind of three-dimensional quality to them. But they're also kind of inconsistent with the practice.  

I assume this is to prevent some kind of claim from a fan about using their image without permission. I suppose anything goes in Texas. 

Speaking of odd images, I guess this is a parallel of some kind. Good lord. Who would want a binder full of these? 

Anyway, I got a pretty good chunk of the set, but found on many occasions that base cards appeared in different packs in the exact same order... runs of eight cards or more! Yikes. Anyway, with a few trades I've gotten pretty close to getting this one in the can. If anyone can help out with these cards : 283, 319, 382, 384, 420, 432, 440, 447, 449, 453, 455, 457, 469, 478, 479, 492, 503, 527, 539, 540, 542, 566, 570, 574, 586, 596, 619, 660, 682, I've got plenty of dupes to search for your needs. Hit me up! Let's swap!


  1. 527, 570, 586 coming your way.

    And Matt you are missing a digit on that last card number.