Saturday, September 9, 2017

What's Brewing for 2017 Update?

Recently, the checklist for Topps Heritage High Numbers was released. I haven't actively collected Heritage in years, so my only interest was in the Brewers on the list... specifically Brewers that have not yet appeared as Brewers on cardboard before. If you read this blog even casually, you know that my big project is my All-Time Brewers collection, and I'm already scouting out which Brewers who debuted in 2017 might eventually get Brewers cards. My immediate hope for these is via the Heritage Highs or Topps Update. 

The Brewers will be surprisingly well-represented in the set, with ten base cards. Of these, three are making their Milwaukee cardboard debut. Jared Hughes is an SP, but a nice nod to a middle reliever having a pretty good year. Jett Bandy started out hot, but was sent down months ago. And Neftali Feliz... woo boy... Feliz is a former Rookie of the Year and hotshit closer, a "name," if you will. But he bottomed out with the Brewers and was released in early June. Why Topps couldn't put the breaks on this card - with THREE months between his release and the set's release - I have not idea. Normally, something like this would upset me. But as the only other card Feliz has as a Brewers is the very-short printed Spring Training Topps Now card (selling for about $12 on eBay), I'm glad to have a cheap alternative. 

But it also makes me fear for Topps Update. 

Last year's update set was just six cards. It had the RC of Junior Guerra, which was nice. And had an All-Star card of Jonathan Lucroy, who had already been traded to the Rangers. But it also had a Keon Broxton, of who I am a fan, but who had ALREADY appeared in the base set. As well as a Chris Capuano, who had hurt himself in late May and never pitched again. Why would they put together a set in late July and include Capuano? (and why would they also include him in 2017's base set?)

So, using Topps' baffling methods of player selection, I'm going to try to handicap the chances of each new Brewers appearing in the update set. 

Manny Pina - God, I hope I can get a Pina card. He's been one of the NL's top rookies this year and looks like he could hold down the backstop spot for a few years. I say the chances are good, he opened the season with the team and they've already given Bandy a card. 

Eric Sogard - Another one I'd really like. Like Pina, I think he has a very good chance to be in the '18 flagship, but I want one NOW. I also think there's a good chance to see a Sogard Update. He joined the team in May and got hot right away. 

Nick Franklin - Got 80 ABs before being released. I highly doubt we'll see him.

Stephen Vogt - Possibly. He is a multiple-time All Star and a moderate name. If not now, probably in 2018. Another guy I'd love to get in blue. 

Neil Walker - No chance. A post-waiver wire guy. We'll get his Brewer card next year, after he's already signed with another team.

Lewis Brinson - Had just a handful of games, but will probably appear as a 'rookie debut' guy. He's got a handful of Bowman cards as a Brewer, but I'm hoping for an update card to try and get him TTM next spring. 

Brett Phillips - Same deal as Brinson, also a decent TTM guy.

Andrew Susac - A well-regarded rookie who debuted last year, I'm not sure if his seven at bats are enough to draw attention. Hopefully I can get him next year, probably in Bowman. 

Quintin Berry - A lock for a Brewer-without-a-card. He was just called up and will be used primary as a pinch-runner. 

Brandon Woodruff - A top-five Brewers prospect, he is sure to get a card sometime, probably next year in flagship. 

Paolo Espino - Made a pair of starts, but is already off the team. Knowing Topps, we'll probably get him in update for some inexplicable reason. 

Carlos Torres - Second-year Brewers with no cardboard. His 4.46 ERA indicates we won't see any soon.

Jacob Barnes - Debuted last year as a gas-throwing rookie mid-reliever. Another guy who just feels like he'll get a card for some reason. 

Oliver Drake - Early-season pick-up from the Orioles. In the same boat as Torres. 

Josh Hader - Big deal rookie lefty. Will get a card eventually. I'd bet on 2018. 

Tommy Milone - If Capuano got a card last year, anything can happen. But I'd get against him. 

Anthony Swarzak - The Brewers "big" deadline trade pickup. Doubtful, but possible.

Tyler Webb - Threw two innings before being demoted. No chance. 

Taylor Williams - A surprise 40-man addition, too late for update and probably too obscure for 2018. 


Corey Knebel AS
Manny Pina
Eric Sogard
Lewis Brinson RC
Brett Phillips RC
Jared Hughes 
Jacob Barnes RC
Brent Suter RC
Chris Capuano (SP Career Retrospective)

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