Friday, June 2, 2017

Big Fun Mail Day!

Last week, I participated in my very first BIG FUN GAME. As promised, it was big fun. It was hosted by Johnny's Trading Spot, a blogger I had not yet had any interaction with. The prizes in the contest were great and I can say assuredly that Johnny's reputation as a very generous trader is well-deserved. Instead of picking, I went with a steal, first nabbing and Highland Mint '75 Topps George Brett and then, after being robbed myself, picking up a Highland 57 Topps Brooks Robinson. I got it in the mail today and was very impressed.

It came housing in its own little case, very similar to the type of box that Disney VHS tapes used to use. It even has a label on the spine, in case you want to stack these on the shelf, VHS-style. 

But don't you dare do that! Cuz these bastards are gorgeous! It's hard to photog properly given the shiny (and very thick) case, but the "card" is very sharp-looking, front and back. It's also heavy, over 10 ounces.  

Being my first BFG, I over-strategized a bit and missed out on a chance to nab a Robin Yount rookie Highland card. But as luck had it, the winner of that card, Trevor P of Bump and Run, was up for a trade. So Brooksie will be leaving me as quickly as he came. But I sure am looking forward to that Yount.

Not to ignore my Brewers-centric habits, Johnny also tossed in a handful of Brewers, including a number of oddballish cards that I didn't have. I'll leave you with a pair of them, to my mind the two greatest starting pitchers to ever wear the Brewers blue.  

Thanks again, Johnny!


  1. These are cool! I was tempted to snag one...maybe I'm regretting not just a little.

    1. They are pretty reasonable on eBay as well.