Monday, February 12, 2018

Dirty Box! My Last Goodwill Post

I think that I have finally exhausted by local Goodwill’s supply of cool baseball cards. My last visit there turned up nothing but junk-era basketball and a bunch of stuff I’ve already passed over a few times. But there is one last big batch I picked up that I thought I’d share.

But first! A few other items I forgot to mention earlier.

A box of unused Treat brand 9-pockets. 100 for just $3!!! This was a hell of steal for an old page-hound like myself.

And this box, half 1993 Triple Play (with the Gallery of Stars set) and half 1993 Topps Gold. If anyone is working on that Gold set, lemme know.

It was one of those mail-carrying boxes, about half full of stuff. It was a wide mix: baseball, football, and basketball. I’d had such a hot streak at Goodwill I thought it was worth a chance at $8. Unfortunately, it was mostly a bust.

First off, the cards were kind of dirty. It’s hard to explain, but they had a film on them that was heavier than dust. And they were tossed in the box with such abandon, that most were warped or damaged. I ended up pitching about a hundred of them right into the trash. 

Here is a stack of Topps base cards that I needed for my various sets. You can see they all sit a bit crooked in the stack.

Here was the “hit” of the box, in the Fairfield sense. I think I already sent this one along to the Million Cubs Card project, but I’m not sure.

One commonality of everything I found at this Goodwill was that the sets had all been stripped of Derek Jeter cards. So it was a bit of a surprise to find this one, which is one of those throw-back stock cards that was a retail exclusives if I recall correctly. Anyway, it has a pretty huge dent in the lower left corner. 

Thumbs up to this Deion Sanders, the coolest card of the bunch. Here he is, about to chopper from a Braves game to a Falcons game.

I dig this one. Looks like Bags is about to tackle himself. IN 3D!

This is the variation of this card found in later-issue packs that actually lists the date of Rickey’s record-breaking steal. Part of that brief period in 1991 where cards with players in tuxedos were hot snot.

A weirdo minor league card! I’d never say no to one of these. Looks like the dude has only one arm. Tom Ealy never made it past AA, although he debuted in pro ball at just 17 years old.

T-PLUSH!!! One of my all-time favorites for his electrifying 2011 season in Milwaukee and his constant annoyance of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Hey! Some old-timers, part of the Topps “card history” or whatever insert set from a while back. A cheap pair of HOFers is always fun.

And… that’s about it. There were maybe 1,500 cards in the box, about half of which were basketball and football. Maybe I’ll show those here someday… but probably not.


  1. 1993 Triple Play is a really nice set.. It's one I'd like to work on eventually

  2. Your Goodwill posts inspired me to visit some in the Houston area including their 'mega' store near downtown. Not a card to be had at any of them but I found a bunch of great books and a stack of Ricky Nelson and Bobby Rydell 45s in their original sleeves. I bought the books but passed on the records...nothing to play them on.

    1. They inspired me as well. I visited a thrift shop near me and I found a really fun binder of cards for $5. Will post about it later this week.

    2. Awesome. I feel like if this location keeps paying out, collectors are going to start making pilgrimages to Milwaukee.

  3. Man always fun rummaging through the junk boxes. If you don't have plans for the 91 UD Henderson, I can use it for my master set. The variations are the last cards I need.

    1. Sorry, but I need that handsome devil for my Henderson PC.

  4. So about those Topps Gold cards. I'm not working the set (though I do welcome any Giants or ex-Stanford cards) but there are 6 of them I'm looking for because Topps replaced the checklists in the base set with players in the gold set. I've come to the treat those 6 extras as an extension of the base set since they're 1993 player releases that only occurred on Gold. Anyway, those 6 are.
    1993 Topps Gold #394 Bernardo Brito
    1993 Topps Gold #395 Jim McNamara (Giants)
    1993 Topps Gold #396 Rich Sauveur
    1993 Topps Gold #823 Keith Brown
    1993 Topps Gold #824 Russ McGinnis
    1993 Topps Gold #825 Mike A. Walker

    If you've got any of those that you're willing to send, awesome (they're on the list of things I intend to get from Sportlots). If those end up being 6 cards that you decide to hold on to, I'm happy to have let you know about them.

  5. Well, I'd say your Goodwill has panned out pretty well overall. That's a neat Bagwell - don't think I've seen it before. I'm not working on the '93 Golds, but I still need a few Astros if you turn any of these up: 414, 448, 506, 584, 614, 646, 680, 743.

  6. Oh man... I've come across boxes of cards like the one you showed at the flea market and I just walk away. It pains me to see someone just throw hundreds (possibly thousands) of cards haphazardly into a box.

    On the other hand, those 9-pocket pages, the Gallery of Stars set, and the Topps Gold singles were a great find.