Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Don't Open that Door When I'm in Here Trade-Baitin'!

I am someone who needs to have things just-so. Over the years, my card collection had fallen into terrible disrepair, which was both a symptom and a cause of my lack of interest in collecting. But now, with the blog up and running, I've gotten more active and, as a result, I've spent a good deal of time straightening everything up. 

Now that I've focused on what I want to collect, I also know what I don't want to collect. This leaves me with a good chunk of stuff I am eagerly willing to swap for stuff I am interested in, namely Brewers, Topps flagship/update, and the other random stuff on my wantlists. I'll do these posts periodically, as I weed more and more stuff out of my collection. 


1993 ToppsGold Derek Jeter RC

I actually pulled this from a 50-cent pack a few years ago. I'm not real eager to just GIVE this away, as it is a pretty decent card. But I'm sure someone out there would enjoy it more than I do. And I'd gladly part with it for ... say ... a nice lot of late 70s Topps or something. I realize this is a pretty lousy picture... but you can see the same card HERE.

Football Cards

I don't want any of these. The cards in the box are mostly 1990 Pro Set (with some SPs, I promise), but you can also score a nice bunch of vintage, including what I am pretty sure is a full set of those Pro Draft cards that came with that old Parker Brothers game.

TTM Autorgraphs

There are two different lots here. The first is baseball - all former Brewers NOT in Brewers unis. I picked up almost all of these on ebay and am now in the process of replacing them with signed Brewers cards of each player. Ben Grieve, Bob Wickman, and Randy Wolf are among the "bigger" names. Not much value here, but anyone who collects ALL forms of signed cards might be interested. 

The second lot is football autos. ALL of these were obtained via TTM by myself. If you want to see a specific card, let me know and I can snap a pic or if you want to know the brand/year, just ask. I would swap these one at a time or as a lot, depends on what people are interested in and what they are offering. I would not mind at all to swap these for Brewers autos (see my wantlist here) but will consider all offers. 

I have available: Babe Parilli, Heath Shuler, Mark Kelso, Charlie Ward, Tony Boselli, Raymond Berry (with 'To Matt' inscription), Terry Bradshaw, Herschel Walker (to matt), Roger Craig, Eric Metcalf, Bryan Cox, Emerson Boozer, Aeneas Williams (to matt), Jeff George x2 (to matt), Trae Waynes, Daryl Johnston, Harry Carson, Golden Tate, Brock Osweiler (to matt), Adam Vinatieri (to matt), Joey Porter, Joey Galloway (to matt), Billy Sims 2x, WIllie McGinest, Charlie Joiner, Bruce Armstrong, Ed Too Tall Jones, Tony Gonzalez, Lawrence Taylor, Tony Dorsett (to matt).

Now, I cannot guarantee that any of these are REAL, of course. I can promise that they are what I received in response to a TTM request. I know there are some questions about Terry Bradshaw and LT, whether or not they actually sign their mail. Just something to keep in mind.


  1. I'm not necessarily one for football, but I might be able to help you out with that. There are a few football collectors around who I'm sure wouldn't mind that lot of cards. Angus over at "Dawg Day Cards" collects Browns and for the rest, contact Trevor over at "Bump and Run Cards".

  2. If any of those baseball TTM's happen to be Astros, I may be interested. Send over your address, I have a PWE to drop in the mail for you.